Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 Updates!


I am so excited to have finished my first year at Saint Ann's and my fifth year of teaching.  I am hoping to have new adventures awaiting me in the future.  Currently I am interviewing at a variety of school in the area.  Do not get me wrong, I love where I work now, but there is no way that I can live off what I make.  So I am excited to see what awaits me in the future.  As for my summertime, I am going to continue to work on my TpT store and expanding it to include more games, task cards, and would like to open it up to see what customers are looking for in the middle school math field.  Here are a few of my new exciting products that I just created.  If you have any suggestions or requests, please feel free to message me or send me an email.  I am up for a challenge!  

Math Vocabulary Word Search
Geometry Vocabulary Word Search
Geometry Vocabulary Word Search
Real Number and Properties Word Search
Real Numbers & Properties Word Search
These word search puzzles are a great way to integrate math vocabulary in the classroom. There are two versions of each puzzle.  The first version is when you introduce the vocabulary terms.  It gives the students a word bank with all the words and then asks them to create sentences with half of the words on the back.  The second word search is for those students who are more advanced or when you want to review vocabulary.  The second word search gives only the definition or an example and the students must find the words in the puzzle.  My students loved using the definition word search in our review math centers!  They would race to see who could define and find the word in the shortest amount of time!  Check back later for more word search products!  

Beginning of the Year Materials
Middle School Mathematics Vocabulary Cards
Middle School Vocabulary Word Wall
Beginning of the Year: All About Me
All About Me
Classroom Job Chart - Black & Pink
Classroom Job Chart

I added some new beginning of the year materials to my store as well.  To go along with my geometry vocabulary word searches, I included my middle school mathematics vocabulary word wall.  It contains 64 vocabulary words that are used in the 6-8 math classes.  The vocabulary cards are color coordinated based on pre-algebra and algebra 1 classes.  The second item that I added to my store is the All About Me worksheets.  I created three All About Me activities for various subject areas (history, math, english).  I use the math one as the cover of my math ISN.  The students have to use numbers to answer various questions and then draw a picture that relates to it.  History and English are very similar.  The History All About Me Worksheet has students using history (past, present, future) to explain certain things in their lives.  The English All About Me Worksheet asks students to use various parts of speech to explain certain things in their lives (goals, summer activities/hobbies, recipe for success).  It is a great way for teachers to learn about their students given the content area they are teaching.  Lastly, I took my very popular Classroom Job Chart and created it using various backgrounds and font colors.  It is one of my highest selling product and through it would be great for teachers to have a variety of choices to choose from since many of us use themes in our classroom.  Please check the various colors and backgrounds on these products.  If there is a color you would love to have for your classroom, please feel free to email or message me!

Math Games/Activities
I am going to continue to create task cards for my students.  They really enjoy using these and moving around the classroom.  They know that as the number on the task card increases, so does the difficulty of the questions.  This allows students to move throughout the room working at their own pace and challenging themselves.  Another item that I will be adding in my store are the Yahtzee games.  My students are always asking when we will be playing Yahtzee again.  If you have not checked out any of the Yahtzee games, I highly recommend that you do!