Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Teachers Notebook

Ever hear of Teachers Notebook?  I stumbled across this site while searching something on pinterest.  I saw that it was similar to TPT and this past fall I uploaded two-three of my items.  I realized that I did not utilize it as much as Teacher Pay Teachers and therefore stopped posting.  However, recently at my TPT Meet-up last week, I was told that by uploading your products on Teachers Notebook, people still find and buy your products.  Therefore, I decided since I am updating my blog and included my TPT Store, I too included my Teachers Notebook Store.  I am surprised to see that my store was viewed 9 times already.  In addition, I created my own teacher instagram and already have 50 followers.  I am thinking that if I can get 100 to have a huge TPT sale!

Any other tips or tricks to get more followers and bring more traffic to my store and blog?  

Have a great week!


  1. I recently have done the exact same thing! I too just discovered Teacher's Notebook and have recently started a shop on there as well and began a teacher Instagram page! Good luck to you!