Monday, August 3, 2015

August Currently

Hey everyone!  
Sorry for being a little late with the August Currently.  I spent the weekend away at my old college watching my boyfriend win gold in the Keystone State Games in baseball.  
Congrats Babe on a fantastic win!!

I am linking up with my friend Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the August Currently.  

This whole summer I have been getting back into country music.  I find myself listening to country during the summer months.  It must be that light country swag that gives me that summer, relaxing feel.  This current song from Jana Kramer is absolutely addicting to listen to.  
I am loving this beautiful weather outside.  This summer in PA has been very different this past year.  We started our summer off with tons of rain and storms.  We experienced a tornado and lots of flooding.  The past two weeks we went from wet days to hot, sticky, and dry.  The past several weeks we have been experiencing a heat wave with days feeling like triple digits.  Today is a beautiful summer day.  A cool breeze with sun.  The humidity is not too bad which makes it a perfect day for laying out.  Something I really have not done that much this summer.  I do need to tan up a bit before school starts.  

Each morning I wake up, I keep thinking that the first day of school is getting closer and closer.  This year I transferred to a new school within the same diocese.  There is so much I need to learn and do.  We are not allowed to enter our classroom until mid-August.  This has been driving me crazy because I am very OCD about everything and usually have my classroom set up by now.  I have been trying to take lots of time at home to make all the things to make my room perfect this year.  However, I am not sure what my schedule is, what exactly I am teaching, what textbook I will be using.  It is so hard to prepare for the year when I feel like I am so behind.  Now that we are in August, we start school in three weeks and I have not set foot in my room yet!  YIKES!!  

I am wanting some more time for vacation trips with my love.  I am so glad that we have things planned every weekend in August to celebrate our last month together before things start to get crazy at my new school.  This past weekend he coached the Junior Division at the Keystone State Games for baseball.  He was gone most of the week and I decided to go out to see his medal game.  I was happy for the game to be at my old college.  Nothing like stepping foot on your old undergrad campus.  The memories came rushing back.  I was able to then show him and his assistant coaches what the night life was like back when I was a student there.  This upcoming weekend we have a camping trip planned since I have not been able to camp yet and not sure if I will be able to this fall due to his baseball schedule.  The next weekend we are going up to Rochester, NY to hang out with his old college roommate.  I have never been to Rochester and am excited to go up.  On our way up we are going to stop at the Finger Lakes and tour some of the wineries.  A dream come true for me.  I always wanted to go up there!  Our last weekend we will be celebrating our 6 month anniversary.  We have been wanting to go to one of our favorite breweries, Du Claw, which is located in Maryland.  We plan on going down to the Baltimore Aquarium for the day, stop at the Brewery, and then enjoy a night out on the town before heading home.  I cannot believe that we have been dating for 6 months.  The summer just flew by with him.  Our last weekend before school starts will be a relaxing one with wine, dinner with our families, relaxation, and end with a day at the spa.  

I am starting to panic that I have not yet been in my classroom to set up.  I am in need of getting in there and start setting up.  I also want to meet my new team so that I can learn the procedures and rules of the school.  Waiting all this time is beginning to drive me CRAZY!!  I hope my principal calls this week telling me that I can start setting up.  My parents would also like me to get rid of all my school stuff off the front porch.  It has been all cluttered during the transition.  

My B2S RAK is a small gift bag/basket for my new team members.  I want to make sure that I make a great impression.  A small basket/bag filled with post-it notes, pens, pencils, and stress reliever chocolates is always a great way to start.  I believe highly on a good team, and want to establish one at my new school.  


  1. I guess we all get that back-to-school anxiety! I even have nightmares sometimes that I can't get my classroom finished! I love your idea for the B2S RAK! I'm sure they'll be excited for their surprises! Have a great school year!

  2. My principal keeps me out of my class until after July 4. Not as bad as mid-August (that'd stress me out too!), but I still like to be able to get in my room!

    As a new blogger, I've been looking through your whole blog. I love how simple and straightforward it is. I stayed away from blogging for so long because it looked overwhelming, but I think I am getting the hang of it now! :)