Monday, September 7, 2015

September Currently

Wow, three posts in a weekend ... no wonder it is so warm outside today!  :)
I forgot with all that is going on at my new school and my mother's birthday yesterday to link up for the September currently.  Therefore, I am linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade now.  Later is better than never! :)

I am currently listening to my playlist while I create some new TPT products.  My favorite song of this summer is Back It Up by Prince Royce.  It is just a song with a great beat and one that I cannot get out of my head.  

I am absolutely in love with the smell of my room.  Yesterday I decided to unpack all of my fall items because the weather was so cool.  I also want to unpack all my fall stuff before I get so busy with school and family birthdays coming up.  So for the last two days I have been burning fall, harvest, and pumpkin candles.  Between football starting and these smells, I am anticipating fall more than ever.  Duh its my favorite season, why wouldn't I?

I have loved that my first two weeks of school are four day weeks.  I wish every week was this way.  I hate odd numbers (and of course going to school 5 days drive me crazy).  Four days is just enough for me, the students, and my sleep schedule!  I am enjoying this last four day week until we get caught up in five day weeks until Thanksgiving/Christmas break time.  

Due to my anticipation of fall, I am wanting the weather to match my feelings.  Our 94 degree weather today really bums me out.  I am craving jeans, hoodies, and cool 50-60 degree days again!  

I have been working so hard today with my TPT and creating my Birthday Sale banners that I have not had time to eat lunch.  My tummy is rumbling but I do not want to ruin my dinner appetite!  I smell dinner on the grill now and its making me even more hungry!  

3 Goals:
1. I want to stay up to date on my teacher ISN.  I am creating one for each class so if someone is absent they can check the one that I am staying up to date with.  
2. I want to make sure that I stay up-to-date with my TPT creations.  I am beyond excited that my store is expanding along with my sales.  I am hoping to triple my sales from my first year.  
3. I want to make sure that I stay up with my blogging.  I know that last year at this time I stopped blogging and did not start up until school ended again.  I want to try and blog about my ISN notebook and things that are working and not working.

I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day and have a great week back!  


  1. Hi there! Thanks for the welcome! I'm actually going into the fourth week of's why I just feel so behind. What is ISN? Is that Interactive Science Notebook? I'm looking to learn more about making my students notebooks more interactive (science being my biggest concern).

    Happy teaching and blogging this year!

    Mahogany Amy

    1. ISN is interactive student notebook. I use them in math. You are more than welcome to read previous posts about the ISN! My kids love it.

    2. Just checked them out. That is such a good idea and so organized. Especially since my students like to write all over and skip pages in their notebooks. LOL...thanks for sharing!

  2. The struggle is REAL... I have always been horrible about being consistent with my blog posts as well! I hope you enjoy your 4 day week :)

  3. Loving that you are getting your fall scents ready too. I'm dying for a new pumpkin candle, but can't find the perfect one this season! I'm ready for cooler weather too!

    Love your blog!

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