Monday, September 7, 2015

TPT Birthday Sale

Eeks!!  Thursday, September 10th is my 28th birthday!  I feel like I am getting so old.  Well, what better way to celebrate the day of my birth than throw a TPT Sale!  Everything in my store will be 15% off from September 9 - September 11th only!  Make sure to check out all my new products and get them while the sale lasts!  Spread the word to all your friends!!

I have been spending this Labor Day weekend updating my store and adding six new products.  I created three exponent task cards set.  I feel that by reviewing exponents using task cards, students can move at their own pace and I tend to scaffold my task cards with easy problems in the beginning and harder problems as they finish up.  In addition, I started to look at new I Have, Who Has games that I can create for my classroom.  Every Friday I try to have a math funday if my students had a great week.  I load my math class with mazes, centers, and games.  One of my student's favorite math games include the I Have, Who Has game.  The love to be timed and see if they can improve their time each time they play.  They see it as a competition, I see it as reviewing their math facts and mastering their skills.  I created two games that has my students work on concepts that I cannot find many products on: radicals and scientific notation.  Please make sure you check out these amazing products!

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