Thursday, July 14, 2016

Interactive Student Notebook Starter Bundle

Good Morning!  

Last night I was extremely hard at work creating what I thought was the great Interactive Student Notebook Starter Bundle.  Over the five years of utilizing the ISN in my math notebook, I have experimented with the proper setup, rubrics, and organizational strategies.  This product gives teachers the best starting materials to get their Interactive student notebook together.  The ISN Starter Bundle contains a total of seven main items that come in both color and black and white.  These items include: notebook setup, table of contents, teacher evaluation rubric, peer evaluation rubric, student grade sheet, student reflection form, and teacher planner.   All the pages are designed to best meet the needs of the students, while assisting the teacher to perfectly setup the ISN.  This bundle can be geared towards any grade and any subject since it is used just to get your ISN started.  If there are any questions, suggestions, or requests for a different color, please feel free to contact me!

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Interactive Student Notebook Starter Bundle Interactive Student Notebook Starter Bundle

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