Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Teacher Pay Teacher Update

Hello Friends!  

Today, as I recover from a stomach virus, I decided to create a new game that turned into three new products.  Recapping my past school year, I noticed that my students thoroughly enjoyed playing games to review concepts we were learning.  When the students would figure out who went first, most of them would play rock, paper, scissors.  I thought, what better way to review than by creating a game that included those concepts.  With that, I came up with the Rock, Paper, Scissors Game.  I created my products around the skill of measurement conversions.  I created a product using metric conversions, another product with customary measurement conversions, and then a bundle to include both of them.  I am in the middle of the process of creating a mixed measurement product as well.  Each of these products come with three leveled game boards to review basic skills, to challenge those students that are at a higher level, and a difficult game board for any enrichment group.  Please feel free to check out my new products and tell me what you think!  

Customary Measurement Conversion Rock, Paper, Scissors Game Metric Conversion Rock, Paper, Scissors Game
Measurement Conversion Rock, Paper, Scissors Game Bundle

Have a wonderful week!

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