Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TPT: Solving Equations

I missed Made It Monday because I have enjoyed spending a whole week with the love of my life.  I therefore focused more on creating TPT products when he was at work or baseball practices.  In addition to my percent bundle, this week I created a solving equations bundle.

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Solving Equations: One-Step Task Cards
24 Task Cards solving one-step equations.
Solving Equations: Two-Step Task Cards
24 Task Cards solving two-step equations.
Solving Equations: Multi-Step Task Cards
24 Task Cards solving multi-step equations.
Solving Equations Task Card Bundle
Solving Equations Bundle
All my task cards start at an easy level, and increase in difficulty as students move through the problems.  The task cards also have include different kinds of problems including whole number, integers, decimals, fractions, and my favorite, word problems.  

Here is a sneak peak of what is coming this week along with a new bundle!
Solving Inequalities: One-Step Task Cards
24 Task Cards Solving Inequalities One Step

Please check out my work and leave feedback!  I am so excited to expand my TPT Store to include these new products.

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