Monday, July 13, 2015

Made It Monday

I am linking up to Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for Made It Monday!  

If you have not heard, I transferred schools within the dioceses.  I am extremely blessed to be moving closer home.  I no longer have a 45 min-1 hr drive to work anymore but a short 15 min - 20 min ride.  Since I have a new classroom, I am looking to spice things up with a beautiful new class theme.  I am looking at using a pink, blue, and black chevron theme for this year's classroom.  I have been creating my own templates for bins, charts, and labels.  Please make sure to check out my TPT Store for the most up-to-date products.  
Here is a picture of all my Made It Monday Goodies!  

Absent Bin
The first thing that I found out to be extremely successful was my absent bin that I created two years ago.  My students seem to love this system because they know that one of their friends fill out the form and to come in the next morning to check their name for all missing paperwork.  Since my new school has leveled classes, I had to create a new absent form that will just have my classes on them.  Please make sure to check out my TPT Store for this editable sign and form!  

Classroom Job Banner
Even though I am a middle school teacher, I have found that the students enjoy being responsible for their classroom and it saves me time straightening up the classroom at the end of every day.  The last several years I have used iHelp but I thought this year I would create a small banner and use clothes pins with numbers to delegate jobs.  My classroom job banner names each job and gives a small description of the job so that the students do not have to continue to ask me what they need to do.  I can tell them to read their job description.  The jobs that I have this year are the following:
-Teacher Assistants (2)
-Geek Squad (2)
-Board Inspector
-Classroom Inspectors (2)
-Postal Express
-Prayer Leader

Teacher Assistants - My teacher assistants will be asked to help me with various tasks throughout the week.  This can include handing out papers, collecting papers, checking homework, etc.  
Secretary - My secretary is going to organize my papers (put them in number order), make sure to that pencils are sharpened, clean the sharpener, and organize our craft corner (make sure our glue sticks, rulers, markers, pencils, scissors are in the correct bin).  This person will also be responsible for rotating the jobs so that everyone has a chance to have every job throughout the school year.
Librarian - My librarian will make sure that the classroom library is clean and organized.  That books are facing the correct way and will inform me of any books that are coming in ripped or torn.
Geek Squad - My geek squad is in charge of turning off the computers, projector, and iPads each day.  
Board Inspector - This person is in charge of erasing, washing, and cleaning up the board area.  I am going to a school that uses chalk boards so it can get very dusty and dirty quickly.  By having someone making sure that it is washed daily and clean, I can keep my classroom as clean as possible.
Classroom Inspectors - This group will be responsible for making sure that all desks are lined up, all trash is cleaned up from the floor, and that all windows are closed.  This job has saved me hours of cleaning and straightening up my room.  
Postal Express - This is going to be my office runner.  They will run all the things that I collected to the office or send notes to other teachers in the school.
Prayer Leader - Teaching at a Catholic school means that we say daily prayers (morning, lunch, after lunch, end of the day).  I used to choose a specific person at my old school and the kids said they felt left out.  I am now making it a job that will rotate so that everyone has a chance.  

I plan on recording and having my secretary rotate jobs on a weekly basis.  Please make sure to check out my TPT Store for my Classroom Jobs in chevron (black and white) and blue.  More colors to come soon!

Magnetic Name
Last year I created Ms. Lawler for my desk and this year I noticed that all the teachers in my new school have Mrs. or Miss.  Therefore, I needed to change/add some magnetic wooden letters to my name to make it Miss Lawler.  I found wood letters at Hobby Lobby and started by painting them white.  After the white color tried, I used this turquoise/blue color to paint over the white.  I then finished them with a sealer.  I repainted my old ones since I did not seal them last year.  I added magnets to the back of the letters and they will go on the front of my desk.   

Desk Calendar
After spending what felt like FOREVER at Hobby Lobby the other day, I found this cute desk calendar.  I always wanted one since all the other teachers at my old school had one, but could never find one.  The only thing I did not like about it when I bought it was the color, since it did not match my theme.  Therefore, I changed it by painting it the same color as the letters for my name.  I started by painting it white to try and cover up the red paint.  I then went over it with the turquoise/blue and then sealed it with a spray paint.  I am hoping that it lasts!  I love it so much and am excited to add it to my desk.


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  2. I would have to give a classroom job for turning to blocks! :)

  3. I love the colors and the chevron you have chosen for your classroom. I think black makes everything pop!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. I agree! I am excited to make more things this week to post on next week's Made It Monday!

  4. Looks like we have a matching theme this year! :) I've debated classroom jobs in my head so many times, but I haven't committed to it yet. I find it's usually easier to just ask for volunteers.

    1. I always had difficulty getting volunteers or I would have several people wanting to do one job so I found it easier to give them jobs.

  5. Love all the colors. You will love the shorter commute. Hopefully everyone in your new school is super nice. I switched schools last year and it was a great experience!

    My Bright Blue House

    1. I am nervous moving to a new school. I was so used to what I needed to do at my old school. I now have new classes to teach, new people to meet (which is exciting), and have to learn all the new daily procedures.

  6. Cute! I love your jobs banner. I may need to switch up how I do mine!

    Alicia Wittmer
    Wittmer's Whimsies

  7. LOVE your projects! I actually just blogged about how I manage absences and missed work :) Your room is going to look great next year!!

  8. Love these made its! And the pop of color is wonderful against black :D

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  9. N love the job chart. I have one question where do you put the names of the students ?

    1. I give them class numbers. In the beginning of the year I arrange the students alphabetically and give them a number. This is the their number for the entire school year. It is a great way to preserve my materials and never have to go back and create new tabs for files or for my classroom jobs. I make sure to have the numbers on their name tags and they use them to match up their hooks in my closet so there is not fighting over who has what hook. I find it very effective! That is what the small numbers are for!

    2. I love the numbers idea! I teach middle school with 5 different classes, if I number them, I can assign all the 1's a specific job instead of having to write 5 different names on the chart. great idea! I was trying to figure out how I was gonna do that. thanks!

  10. N love the job chart. I have one question where do you put the names of the students ?