Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New TPT Products

Hey everyone, I am so excited to say that I have finally sat down and devoted some of my time to create some new TPT products!  I have finally figured out how create some amazing pieces with new graphics that I have found and new fonts that I finally downloaded.  I decided to create some task cards because it is something that my students loved to do.  I use them as a review for a topic.  We complete half of them in class and then I upload the rest of them on my classroom website or Google Classroom and the students then have to finish it for homework.  I started with a topic that I find difficulty finding TPT products for: percentages.

Percentage of a Number Task Cards
16 Task Cards where students need to find the "part"
when given the whole and percent.
Finding The Whole Number Percentage Task Cards
16 Task Cards where students need to find the "whole"
when given the part and percent.
Finding Percentages Task Card
16 Task Cards where students need to find the percent
when given the part and whole number.

After completing these three sets of task cards, I thought it would be great to add them together to create a bundle.  This bundle will include all three task card sets at a cheaper price them buying them all together.  I then created the following: 
Percentages Bundle
Percentage Bundle

After spending one day creating these percentage task cards and the percentage bundle, I thought I would start at the beginning of the school year and begin creating task cards for large unit sections.  Therefore, today I started to create my equations task card.  I started with task cards with solving equations (one-step). 

Solving Equations: One-Step Task Cards
24 Task Cards solving one-step equations.

All my task cards start at an easy level, and increase in difficulty as students move through the problems.  The task cards also have include different kinds of problems including whole number, integers, decimals, fractions, and my favorite, word problems.  

Please check out my work and leave feedback!  I am so excited to expand my TPT Store to include these new products.

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